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Student Projects

Student Projects

Various Mechanical Engineering Student Projects

KU Mechanical Engineering offers a wide range of senior design project options. In addition to large group projects like Formula SAE and the Ecohawks teams, students can choose from a general ME project pool or from a Biomechanics project area. General or Biomechanics projects can even proposed by students in the program, though most projects are solicited from regional companies, entrepreneurs, and charitable organizations. Many design projects accept volunteers as early as freshman year!

Senior Design Projects

Student Projects


Ronald L. Dougherty

Design and development of a mechanical or thermal/fluid system. An individual or group report that includes designs, analysis/testing, drawings and/or schematics is required. Also required are the establishment of specifications and consideration of realistic constraints such as safety, economic factors, design impact, aesthetics and reliability.



Robert M. Sorem

Manufacturing and testing of a mechanical system designed and developed in ME 627 – Vehicle Design. A group report with individual assignments which details the manufacturing procedures and testing procedures and results is required. A completed, working project with a design file documenting all aspects of the project development must be submitted.

Bio Mechanics

ME643 - Biomechanics

Kenneth J. Fischer

Biomechanics projects (ME643) cover a large range of design areas, and projects vary from year to year, based on requests from regional companies, entrepreneurs, and charitable organizations. Typical project selection will include orthopedic/neurosurgical implant and/or instrumentation design projects, projects to develop devices for biomechanical testing and research, and projects for charitable organizations (or individuals in need) that generally involve development of rehabilitation or assistive devices for the disabled. Students may propose projects, but projects will generally need some form of sponsorship, and must be approved by the instructor to assure appropriate design content/challenge.


ME645 - EcoHawks

Christopher D. Depcik

The EcoHawks design project (ME640 – Fall, ME 645 – Spring, 3 credits total) is based on the tenets of sustainability, which focuses upon the inherent interconnectedness of people, the planet and prosperity. Students apply engineering techniques to solve real-world problems in the transportation and energy field by approaching the situation from five vectors of success: the environment, energy, economics, education and ethics. These areas naturally overlap and it is through this interrelation that students have the means to face the challenges of advanced automotive and energy technologies at KU. Students can choose or propose projects on different scales related to internal combustion engines, hybrid drivetrains, electrification, and even fuel cell technologies. Moreover, students can focus on solar and wind (or other) energy technologies as part of a renewable addition to a smart electrical grid intended to reduce dependency on conventional power sources. For more information please visit –