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Our Faculty and Staff

About Mechanical Engineering

Our faculty members have diverse interests including thermal energy, biomechanical engineering, internal combustion engines, robotics, computer software engineering, computer-aided manufacturing, heat transfer, and composite materials. Many professors bring their industrial experience to the classroom. Our dedicated staff offer superior service to support our students and faculty. Visit our Faculty & Staff page to learn more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our students with a high quality education, to generate and apply knowledge, and to serve both society and the engineering profession. The program educational objectives, in support of our mission, are that our graduates will be:

  1. technically skilled in the application of the principles of mechanical engineering, and demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively and in teams;
  2. successful in their chosen career paths, demonstrating the attitudes, abilities, and personal leadership to effectively adapt to our changing global society while maintaining and promoting the highest engineering, professional, and ethical standards; and
  3. actively engaged in continuous learning and professional growth throughout their careers while productively contributing to their organizations and communities.

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Our Discoveries

ME Research

Since January of 2012, KU Mechanical Engineering faculty members have published over 150 refereed journal articles, multiple refereed conference papers, two books, and one patent. Also since 2012, our scholarly works have been cited by researchers worldwide over 10,000 times, according to Google Scholar. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to increasing the impact of the research of our faculty members, as well as that of our graduate and undergraduate students. Current focal areas are bioengineering and biomaterials, energy, and transportation. Learn more about mechanical engineering research at KU.

Our Profession

About Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers use the principles of mechanics and energy conservation to design, manufacture and test mechanical devices. We develop power-producing and power-using machines as well as new materials and manufacturing processes. We work in other diverse areas such as medicine, law, management, and sales. Learn more about working as a mechanical engineer.